Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Bear Lake Classic Road Race: Mark takes the Podium

Congrats to our own Mark Otterson (AKA the tall Aussie fella disliked by the racoon community along Legacy Parkway. Since he can't wrastle gators, he'll take on the racoons. Sorry for yet another down-unda stereotype Mark, but you're an easy going guy so i know you don't mind mate. Crickey!!!).

Mark took first in a very tightly packed Cat 4/5 field, in a crazy sprint finish with 40+ mph speeds at the end. 51 mile course around Bear Lake, clockwise. Derek Edwards rode in a very fast Cat3/4 field. - speeds averaging close to 27mph over the full course. Crazy. Unfortunately Derek flatted around mile 30, was not able to chase back onto the fast moving pack, and finished a few minutes down @ 02:07:15.7.

Congrats also to Derrick W, Aaron, and Dave:

Derrick Warlaumont  - 9th place (more accurately, three dudes, including Derrick, all tied wheel to wheel for 7th place), only .7 seconds off Mark's winning time of 02:02:51.5. *Derrick posted the fasted sprint time to the line - 40.7mph!

Aaron Branham - 39th place, 5.1 seconds off  the winning time. That should tell you how heavily contested the finish was.

Dave Baker rounded out the team placings at 02:14:16.4, a little further back, coming in with a chase group.

Here's a look at the top ten:

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post Wayne. As always, well done. Gators are fine but in Australia we have "Crocks" not "Gators". They are a lot bigger. I've yet to wrestle one - I'll wait until I can take down Raccoons before I move onto crocks!