Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Congrats to Mark: 6th place at the Tour of Park City

Congratulations to Mark Otterson for representing Zanconato Racing so well at the recent 150 mile  Tour of Park City.  Mark notched a 6th place finish, even after a mid-race wheel change, catching the main group after a long solo pursuit, passing said group, and then catching the break away. Aaron and Dave both rode solid support, putting in super efforts! I had to bow out of the race the day before unfortunately (see below).

Watch those NSAIDs

Just had a recent run-in with NSAIDs. Scary, but oh so glad to be alive.  Since I'm now off my bike for the time being, but enjoying life nonetheless, I thought I'd post a little story about the experience. Others might not be as ignorant to the side effects of taking too much ibuprofen, advil, alleve, etc, as I was, but I hope this little story educates those that might be in the same boat. Educated or not about NSAIDs, sometimes our passion for sport, competition, and general love for what is undoubtedly the greatest sport in the history of mankind (yes, that would be racing and riding bicycles...duhh) clouds our judgement. 

Let me also say that if you are a serious cyclist and wish to begin a doping regimen, this is not a recommended way to go about doing that. (heyyyy....I jest!)

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Just say No to the little pill man