Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Training Camp 2013

No one had to twist any arms once it was decided the western contingent of the Zanconato Racing team was going to do it's inaugural training camp in Moab, Utah.  There are few settings (at least in this half of the lower 48) that would have been more ideal. 

Itinerary, Highlights, Training, etc

Rides: Dead Horse Point, Arches, along the Colorado River, and all throughout Moab

Two Zanconato Team frames (for Aaron and Dave) delivered to Moab waiting for us. Steve, with token assistance of the rest of us goofs, built 'em up completely Friday evening at our rented Condo in Moab. Steve did an excellent job with the build and they were on the road the next day! Thanks to Mike for making it happen...the frames are beautiful and the bikes are perfect!

"Casually Deliberate"

"No Lance, it IS about the bike"

Learning the Art of The Descent...prefaced by an excitting run in with a series of steep hair pin turns in Canyonlonds / Dead Horse Point State Park.

Steve introduced us to the essence of Training with Power, using the power meters provided by our team sponsor, SRM. This is a whole new world of training for most of us. I think we're all excitted and a bit overwhelmed at the same time to get into it.

The thought of 4 guys cartwheeling down sand dunes in cycling bib tights...gahhh!...bad image!....bad image!

There are few times in life when you can enjoy such generous quantities of good food, guilt free.

Moab in the spring is cycling heaven.

L-R: Dave, Mark, Steve, Aaron, Wayne

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Anonymous said...

You're right, Moab is like heaven to cycling! Jealous!!!