Sunday, April 14, 2013

Team bike spy shots

I guess you can't really call them spy shots when they were taken by the builder himself...

The Zanconato Racing Team bikes (Columbus MAX - a material that would make most plastic bikes --oops I mean carbon fiber-- run away, tail between the legs) are in-process and soon to be delivered.  Once we have them delivered, we'll ride them and love them, and they will be ours...oh yes...they will be ours.  I say that as I lean back in my chair, with my hands together, fingers spread apart touching at the tips.  Yeah most other local cats will be on their mass produced carbon bikes out of Asia (not that there's anything wrong with that), but we maintain that these bikes will be every bit as fast, hold a line better, and look prettier to boot.  It's all a matter of taste of course, but one thing's for sure: In ten years you'll be able to look at a bike with round tubes and you won't immediately think: "uh yeah..2013 called and they want their bike back".

Enjoy the shots, courtesy of Mike Zanconato's Flikr feed:

Down tubes.  The sharpie markings are initials & respecitve measurements for each team member.

Here's the front end of Mark's bike coming together (top tube, head tube, down tube).  Remember, these bikes will be painted Belgium Blue, with black accents everywhere else on the bike. They'll be outfitted with Enve forks, Campagnolo Chorus buid kits, wheels of choice, Ritchey components, Selle Italia saddles, and the cranks will be SRM / Campagnolo Super Record. 

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Aaron Branham said...

Smokin' Hot!!!! Can't wait for this to all come together.