Friday, February 22, 2013

Team Kits are In! (Order by 3/1)

(Order by 3/1: we're doing a batch order and we won't get these prices again this year).

This is seriously top-notch kit, priced well below what you'd pay for similar quality. I think (yeah...I'm biased) this is some of the nicest looking stuff out there.
Get it here: 

We used Tex-Market USA for these kits, and they have come on-board for 2013 as a primary sponsor for our team. You may not be familiar with the name Tex-Market, but they make many of the kits for several pro-tour teams, rebranded with other labels on them. In other words, this is pro-level, absolutely top notch quality stuff.

We chose the very top of the line fabrics for every piece in the range. Our US distributor tells us we are one of only a handfull to actually have the bibs that we are offering. We have held them in our hot little hands, and they are SWEET!

The gear fits like Assos or Vermarc. On the snug side, with the pro fit jersey being sized as the painted on variety!

We are offering both a PRO cut and a Race cut jersey. The Pro cut is just that! If you aren't sporting a six pack, you may want to consider ordering up a size. One nice thing about the PRO cut, are the lazer cut, skin suit style sleeves...this is one of many features Tex-Market has implemented based on direct feedback from the pro tour riders they support.

**See sizing info below the pictures - a good rule of thumb is that sizing for the Race Cut jersey & bibs is the same as Castelli, Louis Garneau, Assos, etc - so if you wear US brands like Pearl Izumi or Canondale, with more of a 'club' fit, make sure to size up one size. US brands are typically sized to accomodate a Big Mac or two around the mid section...  If you want the PRO cut jersey, size up once again from the Race fit if you don't have a six pack or don't want to display every nuance of your six pack in all it's glory.  So... If you wear a Lg Pearl Izumi jersey, you probably wearl an XL Castelli and would need an XL Race fit Zanconato jersey, XXL in Pro fit.  Yes..that's an inescapable impact of living in a country where there's 10 fast food options on every corner! 

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